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market research & strategic insights

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“Their feedback gives you confidence”

Their depth of understanding of the critical business issues is unparalleled. Their feedback gives you confidence and makes business decisions easy. They deliver incredible value for money

Wines & Spirits

“We were amazed…”

TIB were able to cut through the complex political issues and complete the project brilliantly. Feedback from senior end-respondents was highly complimentary. . . a very personable interview. We were amazed at how perceptive TIB were. . . The feedback was very honest and we trusted every point that was fed back to us.


“Clients are happier than ever before”

The results TIB provide are read and used by much higher levels within our business, they are used a lot more in our internal planning process. The final outcome has been that clients are happier than ever before.

IT Services

“Depth of knowledge and understanding”

I’m impressed with the depth of knowledge and understanding of our business reflected in the analysis.

Asset Management

“Thorough, insightful and real value”

We contacted Insight Business to help us identify whether there was a true sales opportunity for us in an adjacent market. The piece of work they did for us was excellent – thorough, insightful and they provided real value to our business decision making process. Dom and Francis adapted to the challenges presented by our project and were flexible when we needed to change tack half-way through. We would definitely use them again.

Transport & Logistics

Drive better business

  • improve your key relationships
  • increase bid success
  • identify opportunities
  • innovate effectively
  • inform your marketing strategy

Inspire effective action

  • projects designed to make a difference
  • insights delivered by experienced directors
  • no pulled punches
  • recommendations based on what we hear, not what you think
  • action planning and workshops

Highly experienced people

  • your projects benefit at every stage
  • no watering down of experience
  • no training on your jobs
  • project teams hand picked to suit each project

Virtual business

  • minimal overheads
  • highly cost efficient, highly flexible
  • decades of experience at affordable rates
  • global coverage

Sector expertise

Business services & consultancy

Financial services

Food & drink

IT services & outsourcing

IT security

Software, hardware & cloud computing

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