client councils

Client councils are moderated round-table sessions with key clients and members of your management team which can be invaluable events

  • Providing the opportunity to share ideas for mutual benefit with a range of clients in a forum with minimal politics or positioning.
  • Helping you enhance engagement, drive innovation and elevate your position as a trusted strategic partner
  • Allowing you to share a wider view of your business with senior clients and gain new insights into their challenges
  • Giving you insights into the common ground that different clients share

Experienced moderators keep the sessions on track, prevent any overt selling and keep discussion of operational issues to a minimum

  • Blue sky thinking is encouraged -  discussing clients’ core business issues and potential solutions, without commitment or clients feeling they are being sold to
  • We help engender an atmosphere of collaboration and openness by selecting an appealing venue and applying Chatham House rules
  • External speakers can help set the scene and add interest
  • Immediately after each event we run a follow up session to discuss key themes and agree an action plan